Father Finds Sons Bedroom Left Empty with the Bed Made and This Horrifying Letter that Leaves him DEVASTATED

A father walks past his 15 year old son’s bedroom and notices the door is open. Odd, for his son usually always keeps his door closed. Curious, the father steps inside, finding the room absolutely spotless and the bed made. On the bed lies a note, a piece of paper with the words “Dad” on the outside. Frantic, the father picks up the letter, reads it, and becomes absolutely devastated the farther he reads along. What would you do if your loved one left this note for you? Read the note that millions have read and thousands have been sharing for all eyes to see by clicking below...  images Source

This note has left us all wondering what kind of intelligence this kid really contains. I mean, a 15 year old with this kid of genius and eloquence in his writing, you wonder if he had been planning to leave this letter for years. Nonetheless, it is an absolutely exciting read, and must have been hard for the dad to finish. Advance to the following page and read the crazy letter for yourself by clicking below.