How To Get Paid $3,000 Per Week To Smoke Weed


Okay, I’ll start this off by letting everyone know that I do not smoke weed, condone smoking it, or have anything against it. Almost every kid  you meet on your college campus smokes or has smoked marijuana before,  and that’s perfectly okay. Now,  let’s get started shall we?

The United States National Research Center (NRC) has been commissioned by the National Institute Of Drug Abuse(NIDA) to conduct research about the effects of cannabis on the human body. The research will be studying whether or not the participants that use the drug are relieved of stress or stress related symptoms while also being able to carry out everyday normal functions in their lives,  such as cleaning, cooking, and whatever else around the house. “This is one of the first, very promising studies, that will finally reveal the answer of the age old acquisition that stoners are ‘Just Lazy’,” says lead researcher Michael Gregory. “It’s an exciting new study that may push the legality of marijuana to all 50 states.” 

The researchers are willing to pay a price for their participants, too. To be exact, each participant will be paid $3,000 per week to help out with the research. Click Below to advance to the next page to find out how you can be a participant.