Top 10 Most Sober Colleges



When you think about being a college student and what that entitles,  I’m sure you think about all the fun you can have on campus and at Greek Life events, tailgating, sports events, homecoming,  etc… The list goes on and on. A lot of times, this “fun” is accompanied by the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Whether you like it or not, it happens. People have fun when they drink alcohol at social events, it let’s them get more comfortable with the people they are around, it let’s you have a good time. However, there are many that do not believe in drinking alcohol much, if at all. And that’s completely fine!  If you would rather be cracking a cold Yoo-hoo instead of a cold beer, be my guest,  more power to you. If you are looking for a school that is more focused on its studies rather than partying on the weekends(or weekdays), this list may be of some use to you. Take a look at the Top 10 Sober colleges in the United States and advance to the NEXT page by clicking below.