Vine 2 Coming Soon, But Not Exactly As It Was.


Well Vine lovers, it seems as though you are in luck. Dom Hofmann, the founder of the original Vine app, has recently announced that he is working on a follow up app, V2. When Vine was shut down by its owner, Twitter, it left a lot of people out of their realms as they searched for different platforms to perform their work. The six second video format that Vine first introduced was the trademark of the company, allowing people to perform their art in a swift and comedic manner, which was a good change from the longer videos that were placed on other platforms.

The second version of Vine will undoubtedly be very popular just as the first, however it has been said that the second app will not be able to operate exactly like the original, due to various copyright and ownership issues. One of the key differences from the first app to the second version has been spreading around, and a lot of people are extremely upset about it, saying that it takes away from the true vine experience. To see exactly what the difference is in V2, and how it may affect the user experience, please click below and advance to the next page.