Winner of 1.5B Powerball Dies of Cocaine Overdose While Partying With Prostitutes

For all of you college kids out there that had  the undying hope that you would be the lucky winner of the Billion dollar Powerball jackpot and lost,  you’ll be interested in this article. A record number of people bought Powerball tickets in the last few weeks, while watching the Powerball Jackpot reach record heights, even surpassing the billion dollar mark. Powerball machines all over the country were crashing due to the fact that the demand for them was so high because everyone wanted  at least a chance at that fairy tale amount of cash. Well, of the three people that drew the winning numbers, it looks as though one has already passed away, and how he died is nothing short of astounding. I almost passed out when I read what happened to him, so you may want to grab a seat before reading what’s on the next page. To see how this person utterly went berserk and lost his life and his jackpot in the craziest fashion, click  below and advance to the next page to see what happened for yourself.